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Centrum Wypoczynkowo – Rekreacyjne „PROSERWY” (Holiday  Center)

in village:


Serwy k/Augustów

16-326 Płaska


The price of the hotel room with board carries out is about 150 PLN.


Presumptive earlier arrival – reservation

If you call from your country:

Phone number:  0048 85 7466757

If you call in Poland: 

Phone number:  085 7466757


„PROSERWY” - Holiday Centre is situated in the village of Serwy near Augustów city (in distance 20 km), located in the beautiful Augustów forest, on the shore of the Serwy lake. It is surrounded by pine forests and occupies four hectares of land. The Augustów Canal runs nearby. New hotel’s building was gave to using in Junu 2006 year. On ground floor located is commodious restaurant’s room and reception’s hall with cafe and caff in basement. Hotel offers double rooms or rooms for 3-4 people (all with bathrooms and TVs). Most rooms have balconies or decks. On object’s closed terrain lecated is commodious parking lot.


Please see the list of hotels.


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16-300 Augustów           16-300 Augustów                 16-300 Augustów

ul. Turystyczna 19 a       ul. Zdrojowa 1                      ul. Wojciech 15

+48/087/ 644 36 70         +48/087/643 85 00      +48/087/644 72 37         


                                      Dom Nauczyciela „Logos”

                                     16-300 Augustów

                                      ul. Dwudziestego Dziewiątego Listopada 9

                                      +48/087/643 20 21