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ice fishing fish finder battery issues??


I have a lowrance elite 4 hid, last year i had it running on a 12v 8ah battery, it would last for weeks at 4-5 hours a day of use. this year i decided to buy a ice fishing transducer (last year i just used the skimmer ducer mounted on this wood contraption i made) i tok it to Dillon 3 weeks ago and the battery lasted 3 hours, i figured (with very little experience) the battery was going bad so i went and exchanged it at batterys+ because it was still in the 1 year woarente but it appears to be doing the same thing again after the last few trips (I've been fishing rmnp so i only use it as a chart plotter) any ideas/solutions? anyone have the same issue? i doubt the new transducer is my issue, but again i don't have much experience with electrical. I searched through many resources like Covoco  but did not find about this. If anyone can suggest me it would be great.

Any help wll be appreciated.
Thank you


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